Rotger Consulting (English)

Rotger Consulting 

Our company has a broad experience in the sector (since 1979).
We offer fiscal and accounting advice as well as administrative management for your company.
We adapt our services to the specific needs and size of your business, from the start and during the development process.
We pay attention to each one of our clients, offering specialized teams for each area: independent professionals, corporations, medium and large companies.
We offer a personalized and high quality service . Moreover, we guarantee that all information will be treated with absolute confidentiality.


Taxation, accounting, mercantile

– Tax advice and accounting
– Administrative and management accounting and economic and financial advice for private companies
– Information on legislation, resolutions and statements of interest to our customers
– Support, representation and defense before the Tax Office Inspection
– Preparing and representation of income tax returns:

  • Income Tax for Individuals
  • Income Tax for Nonresident
  • Income tax for Companies
  • Fractional Payment: direct estimation and objective estimation (modules)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Property Transfer Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Payment or withholding of Taxes
  • Intrastate Declaration
  • Particular Taxes

– Step Process of postponement of taxes
– Appeals and claims
– Business Management Consulting
– Advice and management of investment portfolios
– Updating of accounts in arrears
– Cost Accounting
– Deposit of annual accounts in the Commercial Register
– Corporate transactions, incorporations, mergers, takeovers, purchases
– Bankruptcy Law
– Planning and legal advice on business structures, national and

– Advice and labor management for companies
– Payment of Social Insurances
– Receipts for Salaries
– Employment contracts
– Update of delayed accounts
– Legalization of new companies
– Records for regulating employment
– Work Inspections
– Representation before the Social Courts
– Individual Conciliation in the Work Department
– Procedures of cases of disability, retirement, etc.
– Special schemes for Social Security